MALE MASTURBATOR REVIEW – Even for a Small Guy – Tight Fake Vagina On Amazon

This is a product review on a Male Masturbator on Amazon. This fake vagina felt really good using it. It work for guys who are small as well as average to big sized penis.

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Vibrating Male Masturbator

This is a product review of a vibrating male masturbator on Amazon.
It’s got a solid plastic shell and won’t break while Fapping. As you can see it
has a tight hole. Is it gonna work for guys with smaller cocks.

Now let me show you how well it can stretch see that’s uh four fingers, If you look closely you can see the nubs in the back it’s not as tight back there but it’ll get the job done. And it feels good in there so the good thing about this then it works well.

If you’re small you know kind of a one finger sized cock. Or you’re kind of looking more for a little bit for maybe a larger, larger cock now the tightest part of this sleeve is the first three inches and then it’s gonna loosen up but with the plastic nubs now I measured this inner sleeve it’s like 6.5 inches.

The vibrating bullet is in the back it’s around the tip of your guy now the vibrations felt very good on my cock stronger on the tip.

But yes, I can definitely see why women actually, like their vibrators. It felt pretty good and honestly this toy felt pretty good it got me in coming much quicker than I wanted to. After a few minutes after I started using it. I actually started to Edge. Anyway, so it’spretty good you know. If you’re looking for something that will get the job done this is it.

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