This Mouth and Vagina Masturbator Will Get You Off

The Yadic Mouth and Vagina Masturbator is one of those things that will take your masturbation to the next level. The offer guy a realistic style pussy to use as well as a mouth that is soft and smooth with plenty of lube and will do its job to get you off.

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Hello and thank you for tuning in.

Right, not I am going to review the Yadic Mouth & Vagina Masturbator.

First, I would like to thank for giving me this to review. Be sure to visit their site to say thanks.

This is a dual-end masturbator. It got a mouth on one end and pussy on the other. Representing most of the value most woman offer today, without the headache.

Overall this is very good for taking your masturbation to the next level.

It has a lot of little nubs and bumps that make it feel very close the real thing. Although, you will have to use plenty of lube. If not it will feel rough on your penis.

One creepy feature I think they can do without is the plastic teeth. No, they will not bite you like that psycho bitch I once dated. Guy, take this warning if a woman bites you on the ear before you have sex run.

In my opinion, this Pocket pussy vagina side is the best side. Since it has bumps well placed for you to get off. The bumps stroke your cock in all the right ways to get you off.

The other side to the is the mouth side. If you got that “shut your mouth bitch and suck my cock” fantasies. This mouth stroker will let you vent those fantasies in private without getting you fired isn’t that right Kaly.

Fem voice open mouth “do blah do blah.” Male voice “you got something more important to do with your mouth than talk.”

Now mouth side is still fun to use and some guy might prefer this side. The tongue feels big underneath your you penis while stroking your cock. It kind of like mouth fucking without the suction.

While not A caliber blowjob. And considering, how lame some woman are when it comes to sucking your cock, there not a big difference over the real thing.

But then again a change of pace while masturbating is sometimes a good thing.

One downside about this pocket pussy if you are very small this might not be the best masturbator for you. But this should work well for average sized guys and bigger guys look at it stretch.

While this is not the cheapest pocket pussy, you can buy. But this is a good value for the money and will give you some good masturbation time alone.

To summarize the Mouth and Vagina Masturbator

Soft realistic Feel use plenty of lube
Creepy teeth
But teeth that can fulfill your “shut up and suck my cock bitch fantasies”

That concludes my review of the Yadic Mouth Masturbator.

Please visit Fondlove in the description or Amazon where you can get this.

Thank you for watching.

Available on Amazon

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