Urnight Vibration Masturbation Cup Vibrate with 50% Off

This is a review of the Urnight Vibrabrating Masturbation cup. This male sex toy vibrates for your pleasure.

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This waterproof and silicon masturbator provides you with pleasure stimulation for your cock. 6 different vibration patterns and 3 different speeds. It also has a heating function.

Today I am reviewing the Urnight VIbrabrating Masturbation cup. A powerful vibrating silicone masturbation cup. You see its little tongue, yes that is where you put your cock.

It is a male vibrating toy and has 6 vibrations with 3 different intensities. And it has a heating function that warms it up so you not sticking it into a cold place.

While using this I found it is not a thrusting toy but a vibration toy that formed a powerful and tight suction around the tip of my cock.

This is the male equivalent to a vibrator. It is strong enough vibrations for getting off. It offered me a snug fit and very strong suction. Since I am average sized I going to share with it tight dimensions that can help you decide if this toy is for you.

As an overview, this is a vibration toy that might put some people off. But it offers strong stimulation and can form a powerful suction around your cock.

Thank you.

Available on Amazon (promotional code XZH7UYKX )


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