How to use a Male Masturbator

In this video, I am going to show you how to use a male masterbator in the easiest and most pleasurable way.

As you know a male masterbator is a cheap way to enjoy your fapping more than your hand. Particularly, on those nights you do not want to pay for a date with that potential tease, who is just a pump and dump at best.

Now here a secret trick I learned and it saves you from getting your cock and hands all messy with lube. Put allot on the tip of your penis. Slowly insert and since you dealing with a fake pussy you can push in a little and rotate some. You go in and out slowly at first just like you were pounding some real pussy on a real woman.

When I am with a woman and want to last more than a few minutes. Since watching baseball puts me to sleep. I think about working with excel spreadsheets. You put your numbers in you get some numbers spit out. You put some formulas in and get number spit out. And after some time you of putting numbers and formulas in, you come out with a better bottom line.

Thirty minutes later you have a satisfied lady or boss if you still on your spread legs, I meant spreadsheet but you get the idea. I would recommend this with someone, who is not a pump and dump. Or even if your boss who is a pump and dump. Nothing like a big O to keep the satisfaction on your job high.

By the way, thank you for tuning in. If buy any chance you interested in this male masterbator or vibrator. You can follow the links to Amazon and buy now.

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